A band of brothers who learned the necessary skills in order to grow, adapt, and expand our horizon's. coming from a small town in the midwest America we learned the the ways of life from trial in error, we didn't start life with much opportunities but we learned the hard way, a messy way with a lot of humiliation and embarrassment but now after much success we are blessed with this opportunity to give back and teach the ways of women so you don't have to go through the same mess we did, haha.


To empower the men of the world with the secrets & knowledge obtained through our many personal tribulations. We've compiled a through and true way to establish yourself in any scenario. Countless trial and errors, through rejection and rejoice, during lonely nights, as well as friendly. Now the question is, do you want to taste the sweet life of seduction? The power to bend others at your will? To have girls chase you? Follow along and we will show you down this oh so righteous path.


Our vision that one day all men shall understand the ways of compassion and female touch, to increase the well being and happiness of each and every man so they can too strive for greatness that'll last generations to come.